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One of the basic pillars of the Azzayt Olive Oils philosophy is the production and sale of healthy quality products. We achieve our high standards of food quality and safety through the continuous monitoring by our team of experts and a specialize laboratory. Our team supervises every stage of the production process, from the farming of the olive tree till the delivery of our products completely finished to our customers.

Azzayt Olive Oils uses the most modern machinery for the production, without using aggressive techniques of farming and always taking care of the environment. Azzayt has his own laboratory but it also collaborate with

an external laboratory specialized in physicochemical and organoleptic analysis of the olive oil for more than 20 years.

This scenario has taken to Azzayt Olive Oils to institute the food safety standards BRC Food, recognized by several wholesalers and retailers in the world, and IFS Food, to assure the client’s satisfaction.

Due to its adaptability to the different markets and consumers Azzayt Olive Oils has obtained the Kosher certificate for the Jewish community and the ecological European certificate Agrocolor.

The quality is achieved through our

continuous work and supervision of

each of the stages of production

Products offering traditional flavor and quality.

For a healthy and balanced diet.

In Azzayt Olive Oils, we have a specialized olive oil laboratory.

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